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Trust/Link Enterprise Web Service (TLEWS)

QuoVadis Trust/Link Enterprise provides a SOAP web service allowing customer-provided applications to act as a front end, securely passing certificate requests to the Trust/Link managed PKI for approval and processing.

The QuoVadis TLEWS web service provides a simple and efficient means to manage digital certificates that are being deployed in the context of other software or semi-automated systems.

The Trust/Link Enterprise Web Service (TLEWS) accepts calls that are properly structured according to the API from any compliant web service client (e.g., .NET or Java). Authorised clients use a QuoVadis digital certificate to digitally sign traffic over https to the web service.

TLEWS may be used for all types of SSL and End User certificates issued by QuoVadis, and may be used to connect to our standard managed PKI as well as custom issuing CAs.  Supported methods include:

  • Request certificate
  • Check certificate status
  • Retrieve certificate
  • Renew certificate
  • Revoke certificate

Trust/Link Enterprise provides a variety of workflows for the approval of requests submitted via the TLEWS web service allowing you to customise the certificate lifecycle management process to match your enterprise needs.