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Root Hosting

Some organisations and communities desire to operate their own Public Key Infrastructures (PKI) but acknowledge the value in having their root CA keys protected by an external specialist. QuoVadis Root Hosting combines our expertise in the particular security operations associated with root certificates, as well as the investment in secure hardware and facilities.

QuoVadis’ PKI operations team has many years experience in PKI services, operating both the QuoVadis Trust/Link CAs as well as bespoke infrastructures for customers. In addition to their experience with varying PKI platforms and technologies, they are well-versed in related processes, practices, and standards.

QuoVadis provides the full service of documenting the signing ceremony and securely delivering the root, as well as ongoing maintenance and storage. QuoVadis Professional Services can also assist with the creation of important policies such as the Certification Practice Statement, as well as technical implementation of the customer PKI.

Customer root keys are stored in shared or dedicated Hardware Security Modules (HSM) that meet the accreditations of the pertinent national or industry standards, and CA operations are performed in the QuoVadis SecureCentre hosting facility.

Leveraging QuoVadis’ proven expertise in PKI operations, customers of our Root Hosting service gain greater speed to implementation, as well as greater trust amongst the diverse user communities that may rely on the customer root.

Features and Benefits

  • Trusted third party for root operations, providing greater trust for user base
  • PKI experts to create, store, and maintain your important root keys
  • Secure root storage within purpose-built CA facilities
  • Tested processes for setup including signing ceremony and root delivery
  • Experience with HSM vendors
  • Options for professional services and audit support
  • Additional Root Signing services can extend the trust of your custom root