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Trust/Link SSL

QuoVadis Trust/Link SSL helps enterprises balance control and flexibility in their use of SSL certificates across business units and locations. Trust/Link SSL enables centralised procurement of SSL for better pricing and reporting, while retaining the distributed request and management of certificates by departments.

Trust/Link SSL allows clients to act as Registration Authorities (RA) for the QuoVadis PKI and to request that organisations and domains be pre-verified for the account. Thereafter, clients’ authorised personnel may approve certificate requests for straight-through processing without QuoVadis intervention.

Trust/Link SSL has two major components:

  • Subscriber Services: Trust/Link provides a custom mini-site for your subscribers to submit requests and manage (pickup/reissue/renew/revoke) their SSL certificates.
  • Management Portal: A separate web console, with access controlled by digital certificates, allows clients to manage users and settings, as well as to process and manage individual SSL certificate requests, depending on their role and privileges. It provides extensive audit trails both by certificate request and by user.

Trust/Link SSL supports multiple certificate types and validity periods, including organisation vetted, Extended Validation, and intranet SSL.

Features and Benefits

  • Central oversight and bulk pricing without sacrificing flexibility for departments over application, approval, issuance, reissuance, renewal, and revocation.
  • No customer infrastructure required.
  • Granular administration allowing one administrator to fill all roles, or delegation by role by organisation. Certificate-based access for administrators for security.
  • Users, organisations and domains are pre-vetted, allowing instant issuance without compromising security.
  • Business SSL and Extended Validation (EV) SSL, including SAN fields
  • Customisable emails and forms by organisation, with workflow options including second authorisation for issuance or revocation.
  • Comprehensive reporting and auditing functions.
  • QuoVadis WebTrust-accredited certificates with wide acceptance in browsers and applications.
  • Helpdesk and knowledgebase support for SSL issues.