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Trust/Link End User

QuoVadis Trust/Link End User provides an intuitive web interface for both technical and non-technical users to issue and manage digital certificates to end users with straight through processing by QuoVadis.

Trust/Link End User offers a full array of digital certificate types, and allows custom templates to be defined for certificate fields and their contents balancing flexibility and accuracy.

Certificate templates are assigned "friendly names" making it simple for administrators to invite users via form, certificate signing request (CSR), or bulk upload.

Trust/Link End User equally accomodates small rollouts and enterprise deployments with multiple organisations and certificate types.  Delegated administration allows segregation of duties by role, certificate type, or organisation while automated workflows make certificate approval and delivery simple for both the administrator and end user.  Trust/Link’s secure delivery mechanism can also provide client software and help guide materials


Trust/Link End User encapsulates the features of a high-end Enterprise PKI in a managed service that may be rolled out rapidly and cost effectively.  It is ideal for projects including issuing digital certificates:

  • to employees, customers, and business partners for secure network access;
  • for email encryption and signatures; and
  • for document signing including web, PDF, and Microsoft Office.

Trust/Link End User has flexible key generation options including client-side (including browser or token/smartcard) and server-side (with optional private key archive).

Features and Benefits

  • Central oversight and bulk pricing without sacrificing flexibility for departments over application, approval, issuance, reissuance, renewal, and revocation.
  • No customer infrastructure required.
  • Granular administration allowing one administrator to fill all roles, or delegation by role by organisation. Certificate-based access for administrators for security.
  • Custom certificate policies tailored to your need, including templates for certificate fields and (mandatory/optional) contents.
  • Customisable emails and forms by organisation, with workflow options including second authorisation for issuance.
  • Comprehensive reporting and auditing functions.
  • QuoVadis WebTrust-accredited certificates with wide acceptance including Adobe products.
  • Helpdesk and knowledgebase support.