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Personal Signing Service

Personal Signing Service is a managed service for online transaction websites that enables users to create legally-compliant digital signatures, no matter their location or device.

Even large companies with in-house development expertise are sometimes hesitant to tackle digital signature projects due to the special nature of the technology and processes. The QuoVadis Personal signing Service offers an easily implemented “signing as a service” solution allowing both internal and external users to sign PDF documents from any web browser.

A simple installation of the Gateway/Repository module allows you to integrate signing actions into your existing web workflows with automated provisioning to registered users of your application.  The QuoVadis Personal Signing Service does not require support for smartcard drivers on the desktop.

To preserve the digital signature, your administrators can manage (register/reset/disable) users but do not have control of their activation codes or signing credentials. Users have options for multifactor authentication to access their signing credentials.

QuoVadis provides the cloud-based digital signature platform and “roaming” signing credentials, which are securely stored on Hardware Security Modules (HSM) at QuoVadis and can only be accessed by their registered users.

When a signing event is required in your web application, using web services the Gateway/Repository module invokes a "signing window" on the sealsign platform which allows the user to confirm their intent to sign the PDF, access their signing credential, and complete the digital signature.

To assure confidentiality, the original documents never leave your system environment. The Gateway/Repository communicates only a computed hash/digest value with QuoVadis for signing, via https and individually encrypted.  When the mobile digital signature has completed, the signed PDF and the user are returned to your original workflow.

Personal Signing Service Features

  • Managed "signing as a cloud service" for legally binding digital signatures 
  • Simple deployment to enable your web application for roaming digital signatures from any device. 
  • Zero footprint with no software installation for users.
  • Rapidly scalable to suit your needs. 
  • Automates credential management for your registered users. 
  • Options for multifactor authentication to access roaming credentials. 
  • Platform independent, interoperable. 
  • Complies with signature laws and technical standards. 
  • Options to customise signature formats for PDF. 
  • Multi-lingual support and customized interfaces to match your web application.
  • Secure: QuoVadis never sees your electronic files, only an encrypted hash. 
  • Granular administrator roles. 
  • Full auditability of authentication and signing transactions, as well as sealsign system activities. 
  • Encrypted data storage and backups.