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Digital Certificate Use Cases

Document Signing

Digital signatures help retain trustworthiness as electronic documents are used to replace their paper counterparts for speed and efficiency. QuoVadis provides digital certificates in a variety of trust levels suited to your business process and reliance needs. These include Qualified Certificates, which have automatic recognition in many jurisdictions as having the same evidential weight as a witnessed signature. QuoVadis certificates work in most document suites, including Microsoft Office, Open Office, and Adobe Acrobat.

Secure E-Mail Communication

Although convenient, standard e-mail does not have sufficient security should there be a dispute over the origin or content of the message. With digital signatures, the identity of the sender – as well as the integrity of the message and attachments – is assured. In addition, encryption may be used to ensure that the communication may only be read by the sender and intended recipient.

S/MIME signing and encryption is supported by most desktop e-mail systems. In addition, centralised gateways may be used to simplify the process for users.

Document Archiving and Workflow

National laws and regulations frequently set standards for the electronic archiving of important records, such as corporate records or financial documents. Digital signatures and trusted time-stamps are used to assure the authenticity, authorship, and integrity of records so that they may not be altered or manipulated retrospectively. Signing may occur by individuals or central automation.

QuoVadis provides functional certificates and various signing options (including software and signature-creation device options) that provide tamperproof records and meet international standards. QuoVadis integrates with, and has existing partnerships with, a wide variety of electronic archive and document management system providers.

E-commerce & E-invoicing

Companies of all sizes are turning to e-invoicing as a way of increasing efficiency. In Europe, digital signatures are commonly used to secure this activity to comply with the EU VAT Directive and other national laws. QuoVadis provides the special digital certificates – as well as the implementation expertise – suited to different jurisdictions.

Secure Login Procedures

Increasingly, regulations and business best practice require strong authentication for systems that contain personal data. At the same time, users are increasingly discontent to juggle passwords for different systems and uses.

Digital certificates (either stored on the user’s local computer or on a portable device like a USB token) provide a strong alternative for authentication. If desired, the same credential may also be used for digital signatures. QuoVadis provides a variety of certificate types, as well as efficient registration and delivery processes for users.