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SSL/TLS Certificates

QuoVadis offers two types of SSL known as Business and EV:

  • Business SSL are "organisation validated" certificates which confirm ownership of the URL and other basic identity details.  They are primarily used for encryption. 
  • EV SSL undergo a strict "extended validation" according to guidelines set by the CA/B Forum.  They are used to securely identify the identity and legitimacy of the owner of a website, as well as for encryption.

Every issuer of "organisation validated" SSL worldwide uses different vetting practices.  However, all issuers of EV SSL follow the exact same detailed vetting regime, and must be audited for compliance. 

As a result, most major browsers now show just the validated URL for "organisation validated" certificates, while providing an enhanced security report for EV SSL.  In both cases, users may click into the security report to read additional details in the SSL certificate itself.

Business SSL

  • Identifies the CA that conducted the validation
  • Confirms the verified URL
  • Confirms encryption


Extended Validation SSL

  • "Green bar" differentiates from other forms of SSL
  • Identifies the CA that conducted the validation
  • Identifies the legal name and confirmed city, state, and country of the website operator
  • Additional details on the incorporation/registration of the operator may be found in the certificate
  • Confirms encryption
  • Enrolled in Certificate Transparency