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Collaboration between ProtonMail and QuoVadis
4 Feb 2016

Coinciding with the rollout of ProtonMail 3.1, Proton Technologies AG has adopted TLS/SSL certificates from QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz AG.

Based in Switzerland, ProtonMail is a secure email service using end-to-end encryption to protect emails and user data before they are sent to ProtonMail servers.

Up to a million ProtonMail users now benefit from the use of QuoVadis TLS/SSL certificates, incorporating Extended Validation (EV), 4096-bit RSA, SHA-256 hash, and Certificate Transparency (CT).

Andy Yen, founder and CEO of Proton Technologies, said "We are pleased to count QuoVadis as a trusted partner helping us provide the world’s most secure email service. After much evaluation, our team determined that QuoVadis is the best Swiss Certificate Authority (CA) for high security applications."