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QuoVadis Achieves WebTrust Audit Compliance for Tenth Year
22 Apr 2015

QuoVadis has successfully completed its tenth annual WebTrust audits, conducted by Ernst & Young.

“As an international trust service provider, QuoVadis takes its security and compliance obligations very seriously,” said Barry Kilborn, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer of QuoVadis. “With the rapid evolution of threats facing certification authorities, as well as new standards such as Certificate Transparency and the CA/B Forum’s Network Security Requirements, QuoVadis is committed to undergoing international certifications like WebTrust that validate our practices.”

QuoVadis holds three WebTrust seals including:

In addition, QuoVadis holds audits to standards including ETSI TS 101.456, ETSI TS 102 042, and ISO/IEC 27001 over aspects of its operations as an EU Qualified Certification Services Provider (CSP).

For more information, please visit QuoVadis’ accreditations repository.