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AusCert to Launch Digital Signature Service for Academic Transcripts
9 Apr 2015

AusCERT is to launch a digital signature service allowing its higher education members in Australia and New Zealand to sign academic transcripts and other official documents for enhanced security. The digital signatures, created using QuoVadis’ cloud Signing & Validation Service (SVS), assert the legitimacy of the PDF records and ensure that they are tamperproof.

According to Simon Knight, Managing Director of QuoVadis Online Security, “With around 1.1 million students enrolled and 350,000 new graduates annually, a degree from an Australian or New Zealand university or college is highly valued both by students and employers.”

“Unfortunately, some people falsely claim to have academic degrees using fraudulent documents and other means to deceive relying parties, thus undermining trust in legitimate qualifications. AusCERT is to help its members counter this fraud using digital signatures on PDF testamur or transcript documents, which allow relying parties to easily verify their authenticity and content,” he added.

QuoVadis Signing & Validation Service (SVS) is a cloud-based service that provides simple integration of digital signatures into enterprise applications and workflows. QuoVadis is a Qualified Certification Service Provider in several jurisdictions and is part of the Adobe Acrobat Trust List (AATL).

AusCERT is a leading Cyber Emergency Response Team for Australia and provides information security advice to its members, including the higher education sector. The AusCERT Certificate Service, powered by QuoVadis, offers Australian and New Zealand education and research organisations certificates for a wide variety of uses including web servers (SSL), software (code signing), people and for grid resources.