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QuoVadis Launches Trust/Link Enterprise 3.0 Managed PKI Including Certificate Transparency
27 Jan 2015

QuoVadis announces the launch of a new generation of its Trust/Link Enterprise managed PKI, featuring updated core frameworks for faster processing, new administrative and reporting tools, and support for Certificate Transparency for SSL/TLS certificates.

According to Roman Brunner, CEO of QuoVadis, “Trust/Link is a proven certificates-as-a-service solution for organisations who want to enhance their online security using digital certificates without the cost or distraction of running their own certificate authority.”

  • Straight-thru Processing – Trust/Link uses pre-validated templates of commonly used certificate details to allow straight-through processing by customers. The Trust/Link system also provides detailed reporting and audit tools to enhance customers’ control over the PKI.
  • Distributed Administration by Customer – Using Trust/Link, an organisation can maintain central control while quickly establishing sub-accounts for different business units or projects, each assigned with different certificate types, delegated granular administration, and custom request and approval processes.
  • All Certificate Types – Trust/Link is equally adept at managing SSL/TLS and end user digital certificates for access control, secure email, encryption, or digital signatures. Trust/Link allows customisable policies and provides a variety of workflows to suit customer’s business processes, as well as support for tokens/smartcards.
  • Extenders for Easy Integration – Trust/Link offers web services Extenders for easy integration into existing inhouse applications. Examples include SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol), CMP (Certificate Management Protocol), and CMC (Certificate Management over CMS) as well as Autoenroll for Windows Active Directory.

Mr. Brunner continued, “Trust/Link continues to evolve based on QuoVadis’ international experience helping organisations simplify their PKI fulfilment. Our processes and technology are audited and proven, issuing hundreds of thousands of certificates for uses from basic SSL management to corporate extranet rollouts to mass fulfilment under national e-ID programmes.”

The Trust/Link system may be used to issue publicly-trusted certificates included under QuoVadis’ WebTrust audits, or with custom CAs managed by QuoVadis for the customer.