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QuoVadis Certificate Authority Expands to Germany
1 Oct 2014

QuoVadis, the global provider of Certificate Authority (CA) identity services for online transactions, continues its rapid growth in Europe with the establishment of a full service subsidiary in Germany.

Roman Brunner, CEO of QuoVadis Group, said, “We have seen immense growth in demand over the past two years for cross-border solutions for digital certificates and digital signatures. EU companies are looking for European-based partners, with operations in multiple major markets, as a single source for their Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) needs. Working in the multinational commercial environment comes naturally to QuoVadis, and we see the market demand to expand our presence in Germany and other European countries.”

Founded in 1999, QuoVadis already has successful operations in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. In addition to its experience serving the commercial sector, QuoVadis is the only CA with accreditations in multiple EU countries to issue Qualified digital certificates. The expansion in Germany allows QuoVadis to increase the services provided to its significant existing client base in the country.

“We are delighted to have Mr. Robert Frank (50), a long-time expert on the German IT market, commit to serve as Managing Director of QuoVadis Trustlink Deutschland GmbH,” continued Mr. Brunner.

Since 2006, Mr. Frank has served as the Managing Director of Deutsche Leasing Information Technology GmbH, the German market leader in IT leasing. Mr. Frank was previously a Managing Director at GE Capital IT Solutions and Executive Vice President of Comdisco, the world market leader for IT financing at the time. Throughout his career, Mr. Frank has sustained business relationships built on trust and service delivery with leading international companies such as Deutsche Bank, T-Systems, and E-Plus.

According to Robert Frank, “I am confident that QuoVadis Trustlink Deutschland GmbH was founded at exactly the right time and right place to offer German companies with highly professional needs- and price-oriented PKI and digital signature solutions. Our vision for QuoVadis Germany is quite simple: we want to be the CA and signature provider with the highest customer satisfaction. Security and customer partnership are our top priority.”

QuoVadis is an accredited Certification Service Provider (CSP), recognised worldwide. QuoVadis provides digital certificates according to the European (ETSI) and global standards (such as WebTrust). The QuoVadis offering includes software, toolkits and appliances for the use of digital certificates and electronic signatures. QuoVadis also provides cloud-based digital signature and time-stamping services, “ready to use” PKI solutions as a managed service, and root signing for enterprise CAs.