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QuoVadis Launches Signing and Validation Service (sealsign SVS)
22 Apr 2013

QuoVadis has launched sealsign Signing and Validation Service, a simple and cost effective way for companies to enable their legacy systems to use legally compliant digital signatures.

With the rapid adoption of e-invoicing and document management systems, many companies grapple with the challenge to make their data tamperproof as well as to assert the origin and authenticity of their electronic documents.

The sealsign Signing and Validation Service provides an easy-to-deploy solution for companies to use digital signatures in “mass signing” workflows such as e-invoice and e-archive systems, meeting compliance obligations without complicated IT integrations.

Digital Signature Options

The QuoVadis sealsign Signing and Validation Service can sign all file types – ranging from XML to PDF – with a variety of signature formats, including embedded or separate. For PDFs, the service allows customised signature blocks as well as embedded validations so signatures can be checked even without Internet connectivity. For e-invoicing using XML, the service supports the UN/EDIFACT INVOICE standards. Trusted time-stamp signatures can be applied separately or as part of a digital signature.

Validation Reports

The sealsign Signing and Validation Service can also produce validation reports – confirming digital signatures, signing credentials, and time-stamps – for transactions produced by the service or coming from external sources. The format and language of these reports may be customized, and the reports can be produced separately or bundled with the original document in a PDF Portfolio.

Data Protection

To assure confidentiality, the original data and documents never leave the customer’s system environment. The sealsign broker communicates only a computed hash/digest value with the QuoVadis service via encrypted connections for signing.

Easy Integration

The fast installation of the sealsign Signing and Validation Service broker allows the company to securely access their signing platform and credentials securely hosted at QuoVadis. The sealsign broker is easily configured to interact with the customer’s underlying systems using a File Manager or SOAP web service. The sealsign Signing and Validation Service has been proven in a wide variety of platforms and operating systems. QuoVadis partners have created specific modules to work with frequently used DMS, CRM, ERP, and e-invoicing applications.

Proven Background

 QuoVadis is an accredited Certification Service Provider in Switzerland and the Netherlands (EU) with a specialisation in “qualified” digital certificates and digital signatures. QuoVadis has deployed the technologies used in the sealsign Signing and Validation Service with hundreds of organisations, signing hundreds of millions of transactions each year.

Free Trial

QuoVadis provides interested parties the opportunity to test the sealsign Signing and Validation Service on a demo account at no cost.