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QuoVadis nominated for Dutch Business Success Award 2014
25 Aug 2014

QuoVadis has been nominated for the National Business Success Award 2014 in the Netherlands and voted top in the digital security sector.

The annual awards are organised by the Dutch National Business Success Award Institute, which was established to highlight entrepreneurial success in Holland as well as explain business best practices. The awards, including a profile on QuoVadis, are featured in a weekly programme entitled “The Success Factor” on Dutch national TV channel RTL7 seen by millions of viewers.

Nominees for the award are chosen by an independent committee, working in combination with Dutch Chamber of Commerce organisations. Among other things, nominees must have expertise in their specific business sector, a sound management core, sustained innovation, and business growth.

In considering nominees, particular focus is placed on the Ohmae “3C business model” evaluating the nominee’s approach to meeting Customer needs, building a Corporate structure to consistently deliver results, and differentiating itself versus the Competition.

At the end of the TV series in January 2015, an expert panel gathers the input of the viewing public using SMS voting to select the main winner as well as 19 subcategory awards such as top innovator, best employer, and fastest growth.

“QuoVadis is thrilled to be recognized by the National Business Success Awards,” says Lex Samuel, Country Manager for the QuoVadis Group in the Netherlands and Belgium. “With the rapid evolution of trusted ebusiness both in Holland and elsewhere in Europe, the QuoVadis team has focused on delivering solutions to make digital certificates and digital signatures easily accessible for our clients, whether they are individuals or businesses.”

QuoVadis was established in the Netherlands in 2008, based in Utrecht. QuoVadis is a Qualified Certification Service provider issuing digital certificates to secure websites and to securely identify people online as well as allow them to conduct legally valid digital signatures. QuoVadis is an active issuer in the Dutch PKIoverheid and eHerkenning programmes in Holland as well as other significant eID projects elsewhere in Europe. The company also has operations in Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Bermuda.

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