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QuoVadis Transition to SHA256 Certificates
5 Dec 2013

QuoVadis is transitioning to new issuing CAs using the SHA256 algorithm for SSL and code signing certificates.

After February 1, 2014 SHA256 will be the default algorithm for all new QuoVadis SSL and code signing certificates. Customers who face technical issues using SHA256 SSL should contact QuoVadis Support, and a two-year validity SHA1 certificate policy will be provisioned to their account in Trust/Link Enterprise.  Three-year validity SHA1 SSL certificates will no longer be issued by QuoVadis.

QuoVadis has already transitioned to SHA256 for certain other issuing CAs including for PKIoverheid as well as its Trusted Time-Stamp Authority. QuoVadis has been issuing SHA256 certificates in volume since 2009 and has experienced few customer compatibility issues.

QuoVadis will transition all its remaining certificate issuance to SHA256 by January 2016.

SHA1 has been in use among CAs since the late 1990s, and currently SHA1 certificates account for over 98% of digital certificates issued worldwide. Recent advances in cryptographic research have lead CAs and software vendors to accelerate the transition to the newer SHA256 algorithm.

Microsoft has announced that SHA1 certificates will not be accepted in Windows after January 2017 (and may revise this timeline in July 2015).