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QuoVadis Releases New Version of sealsign Digital Signature Software
21 Oct 2013

QuoVadis has released a new version of its sealsign platform, which provides the capability for enterprises to easily integrate digital signatures into existing software including document management systems, e-invoicing and e-archiving systems, ERP, and other workflows.

With the use of QuoVadis sealsign digital signatures, enterprises are able to assert the authenticity and integrity of any electronic file or document, as well as the time of its creation.

The new sealsign version 5.2.1 includes the following improvements and new features: 

  • Support for LTV (Long Term Validity) in CMS Signatures, meeting the requirements of Part 4 of the PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures) standard. 
  • Advanced configuration of the visual “stamp” for digital signatures including the ability to customise logos, font, and size. 
  • Significant performance improvement for high volume deployments. For example in an inhouse installation using web services and an HSM, sealsign will digitally sign 50-60 PDFs per second, including trusted time-stamps.
  • Increased efficiency through the use of .p7b keystores which contain the entire signing chain for certificates, as well as improved communication between system components through socket pooling. 
  • Improved security with support for Perfect Forward Security (PFS) ensuring that session keys will not be compromised if one of the associated long-term private keys is compromised in future, as well as the removal of insecure cipher suites.

More than 100 enterprises and service providers already use the sealsign digital signature software in their inhouse deployments. Many of the same features are also available through a signing-as-a service option in the QuoVadis Signing & Validation Service.