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Ensuring eHerkenning Remains Future Proof
8 May 2013

For citizens, businesses and government, it is important that the use of electronic services are reliable, safe, easy and independent. For this purpose a new appointments system will be created: the Dutch eID System. eHerkenning, like DigiD, will be an important building block in this new system. Already being taken into account in the further development of eHerkenning with the eID system. Service providers can thus continue to implement eHerkenning in the digitization of their services.

What is the Dutch eID system?

The eID System is a system of agreements between different public and private facilities. These facilities must comply with the agreements established. The new system must accommodate the use of multiple public and private resources for secure authentication for citizens and businesses. This removes the strict separation between the citizen and business sectors.

What does this mean for eHerkenning?

Existing facilities, including eHerkenning and DigiD, will be included in the eID System. At present, both programmes are active in operation. This remains true even when the eID System is operational. After the eID System is developed, including the governance structure eHerkenning migrate towards the eID System. Until this migration is taken into account in all developments with the new appointments system. This means that the (further) development of eHerkenning now is consistent with the development of the eID System. This means that service providers can simply continue to meet eHerkenning and hence their services can continue digitizing. eHerkenning is future-proof.

New features in the Dutch eID System

In addition to the migration of existing facilities, we will also look at the development of new facilities, such as DigiD High and a (horizontal) authorization register. Within the system roadmap the further development of the Dutch eID System is based on the results of an official Strategic Reconnaissance. This exploration will be discussed further in the near future within the public and private domain.  The first applications are intended to migrate to the new eID System in 2014. The complete migration of all existing facilities to the eID System will take several years to complete.