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eHerkenning wins the 2012 Novay Digital Identity Award
21 Nov 2012

eHerkenning wins the 2012 Novay Digital Identity Award. The award for the best new concept in the field of digital identity was today awarded to the Dutch eHerkenning system at the IDentity.Next '12 conference in The Hague. eHerkenning is an e-identity trust framework scheme that allows companies to reuse digital identities for authentication across multiple Dutch government bodies. This makes conducting online business with the government easier and more reliable.

The government itself does not issue eHerkenning credentials, but this does together with six recognized providers including QuoVadis Trust Link b.v.

Companies are doing more online business with the government. The government must be able to reliably able to authenticate the company online as well as confirm the person acting on behalf of this company is authorised to do so. eHerkenning is a public-private partnership with 70,000 users and more than 50 government organizations. The management of eHerkenning is overseen by an independent management organization approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and overseen by Logius. eHerkenning includes agreements in the areas of reliability, interoperability and liability.

Hermen van der Lugt, Director of Novay and chairman of the jury: "What the jury found particularly innovative is that eHerkenning provides an open e-identity trust framework under which private companies compete to offer identity services. eHerkenning is being used as an example for similar in the United States and the United Kingdom. These countries have similar initiatives, but they are significantly less advanced." The jury is positive about the growing use of eHerkenning, making online business with the government easier and more reliable. An added benefit is that eHerkenning is busy making re-use of the same identities for online business between companies possible.

Besides eHerkenning (www.eherkenning.nl) there were two nominees in the running for the award. Evolok (www.evolok.com) is an English product that identity and access management system with a paywall system for online publishers integrates. It gives content providers more flexibility in combining ad revenue, subscriptions and pay-as-you-go business models. The other nominee was the Dutch IDchecker www.idchecker.com). IDchecker offers a Software-as-a-Service solution to verify physical credentials such as driver's license or passport. 3500 different types of documents from 219 countries are supported by the system. The IDchecker service enables the transition from physical to digital identities, decreasing the risk of identity theft.

Digital identity solutions are essential for online trust. We need solutions that are not only easy and safe, but not too much cost and cope well with our privacy. Through the award, IDentity.Next and research and advisory firm Novay provide a platform for innovative concepts, products and services in the field of digital identities. The entries were judged by a jury chaired by Hermen van der Lugt, CEO of Novay. The jury also consists Kevin Cox (founder Edentiti, winner in 2011), John Hermans (partner at KPMG) and Leendert Bottelberghs (Head of Business Development at Marketplace, eBay Classifieds Group).

The prize is part of the IDentity.Next conference in The Hague, organized by the research foundation that focuses on developments in digital identity. The conference brings together experts, professionals and industrial parties together to discuss the developments in the field of digital identity. More information about the program and the award can be found at www.identitynext.eu. More information can be found at eHerkenning www.eherkenning.nl.