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Leveraging QuoVadis SSL with VMware vCloud Director
19 Oct 2012

Virtualisation and cloud computing leader VMware® has published a technical paper describing the implementation of QuoVadis SSL in its vCloud® Director™ solution for datacentre virtualisation.  vCloud Director enables IT organisations to build secure, multitenant hybrid clouds by pooling infrastructure resources -- including compute, storage and network -- into virtual datacentres that can be rapidly deployed to users on-demand.

With the growth of cloud computing, security has become a paramount concern to protect the authenticity, confidentiality and integrity of users’ information.  Complex cloud infrastructures involve multiple connections between various hosts and external communication channels. The use of SSL certificates is an important tool to encrypt those connections to provide data privacy and prove the legitimacy of endpoints.

The new VMware technical paper provides additional guidance to implementers on deploying SSL in vCloud Director. With VMware’s focus on efficiency and ease of deployment, QuoVadis’ Trust/Link Enterprise is highlighted as one option for the rapid procurement of SSL certificates, including Organisation Validation (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) SSL.

The speed of SSL issuance is an important requirement for cloud providers, ensuring that SSL encryption can be deployed with the same efficiency and ease as the cloud infrastructure itself. QuoVadis Trust/Link enables domains and corporate details to be “prevalidated” allowing subsequent straight-through issuance of SSL.

Trust/Link also provides a wide array of delegated administration options allowing use of the system by multiple business units, segregation of duties across roles, as well as distribution of workload. A range of controls and reporting mechanisms protect the security of the SSL platform.

Trust/Link has been proven for high-volume volume SSL use by multinational organisations (both highly distributed and centralised), as well as external managed service providers serving the corporate, academic, and public sector communities.

QuoVadis is a member of the CA/Browser Forum, and holds the WebTrust seals for CAs and Extended Validation SSL as well as other accreditations. In addition, QuoVadis is a Qualified Trust Service Provider in Holland, Switzerland and Bermuda.