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ExportData Chooses QuoVadis for PKI Overheid Certificates
19 Sep 2011

ExportData has selected QuoVadis as partner for PKI Overheid certificates to replace the currently used Diginotar certificates. Because the change to PKI Overheid certificates means that ExportDocuments Online as well as some software of ExportDocuments Online users has to be altered, ExportData and the Chambers of Commerce have agreed upon a transition arrangement.

The transition arrangement concerns the use of "soft" digital certificates of QuoVadis. These certificates are functionally comparable to the Diginotar certificates. To use the QuoVadis soft tokens, users' software does not need to be altered.

The procedures for application and replacement of certificates will be published September 20th at the latest.  ExportData will try to keep the procedures as simple as possible. For PKI Overheid certificates applicants need to be seen in person or been identified.  QuoVadis will visit each company and the certificate holders will receive their certificates. For the soft certificates this "heavy" procedure is not necessary, but the procedure will used. Within 12 months after receiving the new soft certificates companies are obligated to switch to PKI Overheid certificates, delivered on a hard token, a so called Secure Signature Creation Device (SSCD). Due to the identification procedure for the soft tokens this procedure has not to be performed again.

For the users of ExportDocuments Online ExportData has agreed upon some favourable conditions with QuoVadis. With these conditions ExportData hopes to compensate some of the negative effect of the Diginotar problem. The prices and condition will be published before September 20th.

New users of ExportDocuments online can also start with the QuoVadis soft token until ExportDocuments Online is ready for PKI Overheid on hard token.

Existing users of ExportDocuments Online will soon receive instructions for replacement their certificates from ExportData.