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QuoVadis Advances Managed PKI with Trust/Link Enterprise
4 Jul 2011

QuoVadis today released a new generation of its Trust/Link Enterprise managed PKI, providing the features of a custom PKI in a cloud service that can be rapidly customised and deployed.

According to Roman Brunner, CEO of QuoVadis, “Many organisations want to enhance their online security using digital certificates but don’t want the delays, cost or distraction of running their own certificate authority. Using Trust/Link, IT managers can leverage QuoVadis’ world class PKI while maintaining focus on their core business applications.”

With its secure cloud-based infrastructure, Trust/Link easily scales to suit different customer needs for digital certificates that are trusted in major browsers, operating systems, and mobile devices: 

  • SSL Efficiency and Dependable Cost - Trust/Link is a simple solution for organisations looking to fulfil all their SSL certificate needs from one portal for cost and efficiency reasons. 
  • Simplify Digital Certificate Rollouts - Equally, Trust/Link is adept at managing end user digital certificates for access control, secure email, encryption, or digital signatures. Trust/Link allows customisable policies and provides a variety of workflows to suit customer’s business processes, as well as support for tokens/smartcards.
  • Enterprise Control and Delegation - Using Trust/Link, an organisation can maintain central control while quickly establishing sub-accounts for different business units or projects, each assigned with different certificate types, delegated granular administration, and custom request and approval processes.

Trust/Link uses pre-validated templates of commonly used domains and organisational details to allow straight-through processing by customers. The Trust/Link system also provides detailed reporting and audit tools to enhance customers’ control over the PKI.

Mr. Brunner continued, “Now in its fourth generation of development, Trust/Link is well proven in a range of scenarios, from basic SSL management to corporate extranet rollouts to mass fulfilment under national e-ID programmes. Based on QuoVadis’ experience, we’ve taken the opportunity to further refine Trust/Link’s intuitive user interfaces so that customers can reduce their support tasks. We’ve also expanded the configuration and workflow options available to our customers. We are confident that Trust/Link Enterprise is the most flexible managed PKI service on the market today.”

About QuoVadis
Founded in 1999, QuoVadis is a leading international certificate authority. QuoVadis digital certificates and time-stamps are used to identify users and devices, to ensure privacy and to protect data integrity using encryption, and to create legally valid electronic signatures. QuoVadis was an early member of the CA/Browser Forum and its certificates are trusted by default in all major browsers and operating systems, as well as Adobe Acrobat.

QuoVadis has held the WebTrust seal for more than six years, and is a Qualified certification service provider in Switzerland, Holland, and Bermuda. QuoVadis is also an authorised provider of certificates for SuisseID, the EU Grid academic computing network, the Dutch PKI Overheid and e-Herkenning programmes, and HM Revenue & Customs Secure Electronic Transactions (SET). To find out more about Trust/Link or to request a demonstration, please visit http://www.quovadisglobal.nl/Toepassingen/ManagedPKI/TrustlinkRA.aspx.