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HOI Institute for Media Auditing makes the use of professional certificates mandatory for online certification of circulation figures 2010
16 Dec 2010

On November 17, 2010 HOI informed all controlling/certifying auditors by letter of the obligation to use a professional certificate for online certification of circulation figures in 2010. NIVRA NOvAA have decided in 2009 to define the electronic signature with qualified certificate as an electronic version of the handwritten signature for the signing of statements and assurance reports in electronic form.  The professional certificate was chosen for this exercise.  HOI has decided to make the use of the professional certificate for the online certification of 2010 circulation figures mandatory.  The deadline for this certification is March 14, 2011.

A professional certificate is an electronic signature with qualified certificate, which includes the organisation name and the entry in the accounting register. The use of the professional certificate can conclusively identify the signature and whether that person is registered as an RA or AA.