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QuoVadis Releases Expanded Trust/Link Enterprise Managed PKI
10 Sep 2010

QuoVadis, a leading provider of online authentication and encryption services, has released a new generation of its Trust/Link service which allows organisations to manage in real-time the full lifecycle of their digital certificates, from signup to revocation or renewal.

Trust/Link’s web-based control panel allows organisations to maintain central oversight, while providing great flexibility to meet the local business needs of different internal groups whether they simply require SSL for their websites, or are deploying digital certificates to end users for access control, secure email, encryption, or digital signatures.

According to Carl Rosenast, managing director of QuoVadis in Switzerland, “QuoVadis Trust/Link provides the strength and features of a custom PKI in a managed service that can be rapidly customised for both small projects as well as huge enterprise rollouts such as our own support for the SuisseID national e-ID. ”

“Managing digital certificates can be a struggle for organisations with diverse operations,” continued Mr. Rosenast. “Companies using Trust/Link have dependable costs as well as comfort that certificates can be rapidly issued or renewed, even as personnel change over time.”

Using Trust/Link, an organisation may create multiple sub-accounts for different business units or projects, each assigned with different certificate types as well as custom request and approval processes. In addition, organisations may delegate control to unlimited Administrators whose views into the system are tailored to their roles and assignments, enabling work balancing or segregation of duties.

For each Trust/Link account, QuoVadis pre-validates the most commonly domains and corporate details allowing straight-through processing by Administrators.

A live Dashboard highlights all pending activity for each Administrator, and the service provides an array of customisable notifications and forms for important events. Trust/Link also provides detailed reporting tools, including searchable audit logs by certificate or user. An optional secure web services component is available for organisations wishing to integrate QuoVadis certificates in their own applications.

Major users of Trust/Link include Credit Suisse, The Capita Group, Galenica, Standard Bank, the SWITCH Foundation, and other multinationals and public sector bodies.

QuoVadis provides a full range of SSL certificates, including Extended Validation as well as standard organisation validation, with variable validity periods and easy use of SAN for multiple domains in one certificate. For end user certificates, Trust/Link draws upon QuoVadis’ experience as a Qualified certification service provider to enable a variety of issuance methods (form, CSR, or bulk upload), support for smartcards/tokens, optional private key recovery, and standard certificate templates that can be rapidly tailored for each use case.

About QuoVadis
Founded in 1999, QuoVadis is a leading international certificate authority. QuoVadis digital certificates and time-stamps are used to identify users and devices, to ensure privacy and to protect data integrity using encryption, and to create legally valid electronic signatures. QuoVadis was an early member of the CA/Browser Forum and its certificates are trusted by default in all major browsers and operating systems, as well as Adobe Acrobat.

QuoVadis has held the WebTrust seal for more than five years, and is a Qualified certification service provider in Switzerland, Holland, and Bermuda. QuoVadis is also an authorised provider of certificates for SuisseID, the EU Grid academic computing network, the Dutch PKI Overheid and e-Herkenning programmes, and HM Revenue & Customs Secure Electronic Transactions (SET). To find out more about Trust/Link or to request a demonstration, visit http://www.quovadisglobal.bm/CertificateServices/ManagedPKI/TrustlinkRA.aspx.