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QuoVadis Simplifies Digital Signatures with Adobe Approved Trust List
14 May 2010

QuoVadis digital certificates are now automatically trusted in Adobe® Acrobat® 9 or Adobe® Reader® 9, the widely used PDF software, via the Adobe Approved Trust List.

As governments and companies adopt online business methods, they frequently turn to digital signatures to provide legal validity, to identify and authenticate users, and to protect data integrity of records.

Adobe has long provided digital signature capabilities in its products. Recognizing the wide array of certification authorities around the world, each providing digital certificates with different levels of authentication and security, Adobe recently introduced the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) to automatically enable trust for certificate issuers that adhere to a stringent set of operational and issuance standards.

With the AATL’s automatic updates, users can seamlessly check the integrity of a digitally signed PDF as well as confirm that the digital certificate was valid and issued by a high assurance certificate authority.

“As a Qualified certification service provider in several countries, QuoVadis has significant expertise in digital signatures,” said Roman Brunner, CEO of QuoVadis. “Given the wide familiarity with PDFs, signatures using Adobe products are an appealing option, whether the client is interested in legal compliance, environmental concerns, or the efficiency and cost-savings of online methods.”

“Our corporate and public sector clients sign hundreds of millions of PDFs each year using QuoVadis certificates. The automatic trust for QuoVadis in Adobe products creates a real benefit and convenience for those clients and their users,” continued Mr. Brunner.

Adobe products like Acrobat, Adobe Reader® and LiveCycle® Digital Signatures ES support two types of digital signatures. A “certifying” signature proves the origin of a document, and can lock the document against all future changes or allow specified actions such as signing, form completion, and commenting. An “approval” signature identifies the signer and verifies the document integrity, but multiple signatures are allowed.

The following QuoVadis token-based digital certificates are trusted by default in Adobe products:

  • QuoVadis Advanced+ Certificates (including QuoVadis Swiss ElDI-V and GeBüV certificates, and QuoVadis Bermuda Accredited certificates);
  • QuoVadis Qualified Certificates (including QuoVadis Swiss ZertES Qualified certificates, QuoVadis SuisseID certificates, and QuoVadis Dutch Qualified certificates); and
  • QuoVadis PKI Overheid certificates.

In addition, certifications by the QuoVadis Time-Stamp Authority are automatically recognised and validated.