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GBO.Overheid becomes Logius
6 Jan 2010

As of January 11 GBO.Overheid gets a new website with a new name: www.logius.nl.  The new website focuses on public service and contains much information.

The new website divides the GBO.Overheid services into four areas, namely access, information, standardization and information. The previous seperate websites for each service area will be closed (e.g., www.pkioverheid.nl, www.overheidsservicebus.nl, and www.overheidstransactiepoort.nl). 

The websites for citizens and businesses will remain open (e.g., www.digid.nl, www.govcert.nl, www.waarschuwingsdienst.nl).  The Forum Standardization websites will also remain open (e.g.,www.forumstandaardisatie.nl and http://www.open-standaarden.nl).

The new website complies with Web Guidelines, the Style Guide for websites of ministries and uses Typo3 CMS, an open source content management system.

 From January 11, GBO.Overheid will be known as Logius, the digital public service of the Ministry of Interior and Kingdom Relations.