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QuoVadis Achieves WebTrust Compliance for Fourth Year
15 Apr 2009

QuoVadis has successfully completed its fourth annual WebTrust Seal of Assurance for Certification Authorities audit, conducted by Ernst & Young. In addition QuoVadis has renewed its WebTrust accreditation for Extended Validation (EV).

The WebTrust accreditation was established by the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) as a code of practice for Certification Authorities (CAs) issuing publicly trusted Digital Certificates. The audit covers practices surrounding customer authentication; security surrounding the CA infrastructure, business continuity, and handling of customer data.

In addition, the WebTrust for EV accreditation was created to qualify Certification Authorities to issue Extended Validation SSL Certificates under the standards promulgated by the CA/Browser Forum (http://www.cabforum.org). Along with the standard SSL padlock, EV SSL Certificates provide additional information about the owners of a website, raising user confidence for e-commerce websites and other online operations that deal with sensitive information. QuoVadis was one of the first providers to qualify to issue EV SSL in 2006.

“QuoVadis’ ongoing commitment to WebTrust validates the trustworthiness of our Digital Certificate solutions, and our compliance with international best practices and data protection policies,” said Barry Kilborn, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer of QuoVadis.

QuoVadis provides Digital Certificates for website encryption, email security, access control, and electronic signatures. QuoVadis also has a ten year track record providing managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for a variety of international companies and public sector organisations, including managed CAs as well as root signing of Enterprise CAs.

A popular QuoVadis offering, Trust/Link SSL, helps enterprises balance control and flexibility in their use of SSL Certificates across business units and locations. Trust/Link SSL enables centralised procurement for better pricing and reporting, while retaining the distributed management of SSL across their organisation. Companies and domains are pre-verified, allowing clients’ authorised personnel to directly approve SSL orders for rapid issuance.

In addition to its WebTrust Seals, QuoVadis is accredited as a Qualified Certification Services Provider (CSP) in Switzerland, Holland, and Bermuda under ETSI TS 101.456 and other relevant standards.

For more information on QuoVadis’ accreditations, please visit http://www.quovadisglobal.com/AboutUs/Accreditations.aspx.