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Post Liechtenstein selects QuoVadis certification technology
12 Nov 2008

Post Liechtenstein has selected QuoVadis to provide the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology behinds its new LIEzertifikat offering.

LIEzertifikat provides accredited digital certificates, which may be used to securely identify their users online and to create legally valid electronic signatures. The technology is an important tool for secure e-business across Europe.

“We are very proud that Post Liechtenstein has chosen QuoVadis’ managed technology to issue the LIEzertifikat for organisations and private persons”, says Carl Rosenast, CEO of QuoVadis in Switzerland. “Post Liechtenstein is a strategically important Partner for QuoVadis.”

“The QuoVadis managed infrastructure is an attractive alternative because it allows customers to focus on their service instead of investing all their planning and development on the underlying technology platform” continued Mr. Rosenast.

QuoVadis is currently a Qualified Certification Services Provider (CSP) in Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Bermuda and holds both the WebTrust for Certification Authorities and the WebTrust for Extended Validation seals. The company has additional European accreditations underway.

QuoVadis’ service offerings include digital certificates (including SSL), managed PKI, web-based registration tools, and signing solutions. The QuoVadis root certificates are widely distributed in consumer software, facilitating adoption by end users.