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QuoVadis Becomes Qualified CSP in the Netherlands
25 Aug 2008

QuoVadis, a leading international provider of digital certificates, has gained accreditation as a Qualified Certification Services Provider (CSP) in the Netherlands.

As a CSP, QuoVadis issues digital certificates that may be used to identify users on the Internet, to create encryption for privacy, and to create electronic signatures. The Qualified status gives certain assurances and legal advantages under Dutch law to users of QuoVadis certificates.

QuoVadis is based in Utrecht and led by IT security and services veteran Lex Samuel. He said, "With the growth in online business, especially electronic invoicing, we see strong adoption in the use of electronic signatures. As a Qualified CSP in several countries, with a long track record in this sector, QuoVadis is well suited to serve the Dutch business sector.”

Founded in 1999, QuoVadis also has offices in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and Bermuda. QuoVadis clients include the SWITCH (technology provider to the Swiss university system), Liechtenstein Post, UBS, Credit Suisse, ACE insurance Group, and Capita.

The company provides managed public key infrastructure (PKI) as well as SSL including the new Extended Validation certificates. QuoVadis' web-based Trust/Link control panel allows clients to securely manage their user lifecycles, and the company has deep experience with root signing, time stamping, electronic signatures, and smart cards. QuoVadis has robust solutions for access control, document management, and e-invoicing needs.

QuoVadis Group chairman Roman Brunner continues, "QuoVadis is committed to providing the tools and accreditations required by our multinational customers. We anticipate that QuoVadis will achieve additional European Qualified accreditations in the near future."

Other accreditations held by QuoVadis include Swiss Qualified CSP, Bermuda Authorised CSP, WebTrust for Certification Authorities, and WebTrust for Extended Validation.

About Qualified CSP

QuoVadis' Dutch accreditation is based on a certification by BSI using the TTP.NL Scheme for Certification Authorities and the ETSI TS 101.456 standard for Qualified Certification Service Providers which is used across Europe. The certification requires an annual audit of QuoVadis.