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SWITCH extends its PKI offerings to include QuoVadis SSL certificates
14 Jul 2008

The SWITCH Foundation, a central provider of high performance network and security technologies to the Swiss higher education system, has concluded a contract with QuoVadis to provide SSL certificates using Trust/Link SSL.

Founded in 1987, SWITCH (www.switch.ch) operates the Swiss Academic and Research Network serving federal technical colleges, cantonal universities, colleges of higher education, and similar organisations across Switzerland. It also operates the registry for Web domain names ending in .ch and .li.

With the QuoVadis contract, SWITCH will extend the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) services it already provides to its members. SSL certificates are used to encrypt communications for privacy between devices and web servers, as well as to securely identify who owns or controls those devices on large networks like the Internet.

Among other QuoVadis services, SWITCH will adopt the new Extended Validation SSL (also known as EV SSL) for the first time, providing a higher level of confidence in the identity and legitimacy of the certificate holder. New browser versions provide special enhanced security indicators for EV SSL that highlight the name of the device owner, helping users avoid phishing and other internet attacks.

"The QuoVadis certificates bring a three-fold benefit for our customers: they receive high-grade EV-SSL certificates, with a customer-oriented management interface, and at advantageous conditions", explains Christoph Graf, Head of NetServices at SWITCH.

"We're delighted to be making a key contribution to the security of electronic communication within the university environment with our new certificates", adds Carl Rosenast, head of QuoVadis' Swiss operations.

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The SWITCH Foundation has operated the Swiss Education & Research Network since 1987, guaranteeing the universities access to the information society. This high-performance network connects users in Switzerland with users all over the world. Operating this network provides SWITCH with the necessary know-how and technological foundation for running the registry for domain names ending in .ch and .li. 

With the SWITCHpki service launched in 2004, SWITCH offers the Swiss universities the opportunity to obtain digital security certificates at attractive terms.