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QuoVadis to Offer Next-Generation SSL
7 Oct 2006

QuoVadis is an active participant in the CA/Browser Forum, an industry group that is working to define stringent new security standards for SSL certificates used to identify website owners and to encrypt information.

Other members of the CA/B Forum include leading international certification authorities, the major browser providers (including Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera, and Konqueror), as well as the American Bar Association Information Security Committee and WebTrust for Certification Authorities.

With the growth of online business, there is increased concern over the growth of phishing and other Internet scams with financial and privacy consequences.  The new Extended Validation (or EV) certificates will help counter this crime trend by requiring rigorous background checks to verify the identity and legitimacy of the company operating a website, as well as the authority of the individuals requesting the certificate for the company. 

For the first time, EV will provide a uniform vetting standard for all certification authorities, no matter where they or the protected company website are located.  Additionally, identity information from the EV certificate will be clearly displayed in the new generation browsers (such as IE7), enhancing the current yellow padlock, so that consumers may easily confirm they are visiting their intended website, and not a fraudulent version.

QuoVadis will offer EV certificates when they become commercially available in early 2007.  For more information, see: