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QuoVadis Gains Key Swiss Certification
1 May 2006

Bermudian e-commerce success story QuoVadis has gained an important government accreditation in Switzerland, dramatically boosting its sales in European markets.

QuoVadis is only the second provider to meet the exacting criteria laid out in the Swiss ZertES electronic signature law, following a certification audit conducted by KPMG for the Swiss regulator BAKOM.  Under ZertES, electronic signatures created using digital certificates from a Qualified provider enjoy special treatment under the law.

QuoVadis was founded in Bermuda in 1999 and opened a Zurich-based office in early 2005 to better service its customers in the European financial services and insurance community.  Leveraging QuoVadis’ years of experience with public key infrastructure, the new Swiss operation has particular expertise in deploying security in document management, workflow, and data archive systems.

QuoVadis digital certificates may be used to securely authenticate users working online, to encrypt data for privacy, and to create electronic signatures that protect data integrity.  In addition, QuoVadis’ time-stamping services provide tamperproof seals for time-sensitive data and transactions.

According to Carl Rosenast, managing director of QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz, “Electronic signatures are only valuable when they are built into real business applications.  QuoVadis brings together the technical infrastructure and know-how, the regulatory certifications, and the partnerships to make this technology valuable for our customers.”

QuoVadis’ new certification includes compliance with the various Swiss laws and regulations for Qualified certificates and time-stamping, as well as corresponding standards from the European Telecommunications Standards Initiative (ETSI) which are recognized under multilateral agreement by more than 25 countries worldwide.
In addition to the Swiss certification, QuoVadis has been a Bermuda Authorised Certification Services Provider since 2002.  Earlier this year, QuoVadis also completed the audit with Ernst & Young for the important WebTrust for Certification Authorities seal, an important credential for its large corporate customers.

Roman Brunner, CEO of the QuoVadis Group, concludes, “We are extremely proud to be one of the first providers in the world to achieve Qualified status in multiple countries.  These certifications are vital to our international customers who are using digital certificates to conduct meaningful online transactions.”

“In Bermuda, QuoVadis already provides security services to the Government and many of the island’s international financial services firms.  Our European client base is much more diverse with customers ranging from a major aviation manufacturer to a brewery, and from a book publisher to several metal works and foundries.”

About the Swiss Certification

The Swiss electronic signature law, known as ZertES, came into effect in January 2005.  Among other things, the law creates legal validity for electronic signatures that are created using digital certificates from regulated providers, known as Qualified Certification Service Providers.

At the same time, regulations imposed requirements on entities wishing to conduct online transactions with the Government, such as tax and regulatory filings, to use Qualified signatures.

QuoVadis is only the second provider to pass the stringent certification audit, joining telecoms giant SwissCom.

QuoVadis has been certified for compliance with the following laws, regulations, and standards by KPMG (Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler SA) acting for the Swiss Government regulator BAKOM:

Qualified Certification Service Provider (CSP)

•  SR 943.03, Swiss Electronic Signature Law - ZertES
•  SR 943.032, Swiss Electronic Certification Services Ordinance - VZertES
•  SR 943.032.1, Swiss Technical and Administrative Regulations on Electronic Certification Services
•  ETSI TS 101.456, Policy Requirements for Certification Authorities Issuing Qualified Certificates
•  ETSI TS 101.862, Qualified Certificate Profile

Time Stamping Authority (TSA)

•  ETSI TS 102.023, Electronic Signatures and Infrastructures; Policy Requirements for Time-stamping Authorities
•  ETSI TS 101.861, Time-stamping Profile

More at http://www.sas.ch/de/pki_isms/pki.html