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QuoVadis Seeks Swiss Certification for Qualified Signatures
13 Oct 2005

QuoVadis has commenced the assessment process to become a Certification Service Provider under Swiss law.  The assessment is being conducted by KPMG Zurich, as a Certification Body for the Swiss Accreditation System (SAS).

A successful certification will entitle QuoVadis to issue and administer “qualified” electronic certificates under Swiss law.  Specifically, the significant audit encompasses QuoVadis’ compliance with SR 943.032.1 (Technical and Administrative Prescriptions for Certification Service Providers) and ETSI TS 101.456 (Policy Requirements for Certification Authorities Issuing Qualified Certificates).

The new Swiss regulations came into effect in January 2005, laying the groundwork for increased use of electronic signatures in e-business.  QuoVadis expects to be among the first providers to achieve certification under the rigorous regime.

Founded in 1999, QuoVadis is an internationally recognised commercial certificate authority with a global client base of organisations and their users.  In 2005, QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz AG was formed to better serve the needs of customers in Switzerland and Europe.  The company provides outsourced digital certificate technologies used to authenticate users, to protect data integrity, to secure email and other online communications, and to create legally binding electronic signatures.

QuoVadis has been an Authorised Certification Service Provider in Bermuda since 2002, with reviews conducted by Ernst & Young on behalf of the Bermuda Government.  This standard synthesizes elements of the ISO 17799 Code of Practice for Information Security Management and the European Electronic Signature Standardisation Initiative (EESSI), as well as the AICPA WebTrust for Certification Authorities which is recognized by more than 19 countries.

The QuoVadis trust certificates are widely distributed in commonly used software applications including the Windows and Apple operating systems, the RIM Blackberry, and software from the Mozilla Foundation.  The Mozilla NSS is used by a wide variety of open source operating systems, browsers, email suites, and other applications.