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QuoVadis Establishes Swiss Operations
12 Feb 2005

Global certification provider QuoVadis has established operations in Altendorf, Switzerland, serving the growing demand for electronic signatures and strong identity protection in European e-commerce.

QuoVadis will operate through its Swiss affiliate QuoVadis Trustlink Schweiz AG, and has established relationships with key reseller partners and systems integrators in the region.

QuoVadis was formed in Bermuda in 1999, with initial backing from a unit of Zurich Financial Services Group, to provide information security services to the insurance and finance sectors associated with the island.  Today the company is an affiliate of KeyTech, the publicly-listed holding company for a group of telecommunications and information technology companies. 

“Like Switzerland, Bermuda is a hub for international business.  QuoVadis has expanded rapidly to serve our clients’ global networks of customers and affiliates, following the demand for secure electronic transactions,” said Roman Brunner, group CEO of QuoVadis.  “We now have the critical mass in Europe to justify setting up a dedicated operation in Switzerland.”

QuoVadis operates the Trustlink digital certificate authority, which is accredited to international standards and is widely enabled in popular software from providers including Microsoft, Apple, BlackBerry, and the Mozilla Foundation.  Digital certificates are used to reliably identify users working online and to protect their privacy using encryption. 

Digital certificates may also be used to create electronic signatures, which have the same legal value as hand-written ones in Switzerland from January 1, 2005.  In addition, electronic signatures and timestamps are used to create tamperproof records for government filings or data retention.

According to Carl Rosenast, president of QuoVadis Schweiz, “Information security continues to be at the top of the corporate executive agenda.  Trustlink provides the ability for companies to rapidly deploy internationally recognised security for a reasonable cost.”