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KeyTech Invests in QuoVadis
12 Jan 2005

KeyTech Limited, the Holding Company for BTC, Logic, Mobility and Bermuda Yellow Pages today announced it has made a strategic investment in IT security specialist, QuoVadis Limited.

QuoVadis provides managed technologies that enable corporate clients to prevent, detect and respond to online security threats as well as to meet their obligations for privacy, data integrity and availability.  Since its inception in 1999, QuoVadis has expanded its client reach and now serves both local and international companies, primarily within Bermuda’s insurance and financial services sectors.

 “We are pleased to make this investment in QuoVadis, whose business and expertise both compliment and enhance the offerings of other KeyTech companies”, says KeyTech CEO, Sheila Manderson. “Security is a top issue as technology pervades our personal and working lives and QuoVadis has proven its mettle as an international security provider”.

Through the investment, KeyTech acquired a 30 per cent minority holding in QuoVadis, replacing founding shareholder Centre Group and its parent Zurich Financial Services, as well as providing expansion funding for QuoVadis.  QuoVadis will continue to operate independently under the founders and existing management team.

 “QuoVadis has grown into a trusted name of IT security,” said QuoVadis CEO Roman Brunner. “The synergies and investment brought from our KeyTech relationship will allow QuoVadis to expand both our service offering and geographic reach to meet the needs of our international customers”.

QuoVadis was founded in 1999, with initial funding from the e-VentureCentre incubator for Bermuda-based high tech companies. The company initially focused on providing digital certificates, a form of electronic ID used to identify users and protect information as it passes over the Internet.  QuoVadis became the first accredited Bermuda Certification Services provider in 2001, making transactions legally binding for customers doing business online, and is now globally enabled in the Microsoft and Apple operating systems, as well as other important software.

In 2003, in response to new regulatory requirements and market demand for greater online security, QuoVadis broadened its offering to include outsourced security and business continuity services, ranging from network monitoring to remote data backup.

“Information security is a highly specialized business requiring large investments in infrastructure and expertise”, said Head of Development for QuoVadis, Stephen Davidson, “Most companies are coming under increased pressure to defend their technology. QuoVadis has proven solutions to help them implement rigorous and cost-effective security.”

As part of the transaction, all of QuoVadis’ employees have become shareholders in the company. “We’ve been fortunate to build a team of skilled Bermudians in the midst of the Island’s competitive job marketplace,” said Tony Nagel, QuoVadis COO, “Every member of our team has contributed to QuoVadis’ tremendous momentum over the past five years. We felt it was important to recognize their hard work through participation in QuoVadis’ future growth.