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QuoVadis Added to Microsoft Windows
26 Apr 2004

QuoVadis, a leading certification service provider for the international insurance and financial services sectors, today announced that it has been accepted into the Microsoft Root Certificate Program.

This means that the QuoVadis public root key will be distributed globally to all users of Microsoft Windows, allowing them to seamlessly use digital certificates provided by QuoVadis for encryption, electronic signatures, and access control.

According to Tony Nagel of QuoVadis, “Although we are located in Bermuda, QuoVadis serves a global client base with customers in more than 20 countries.  With our inclusion in Windows, users around the world can automatically take advantage of QuoVadis security without changing any settings on their computer.”

QuoVadis was founded in 1999 to serve the burgeoning specialty insurance market centred in Bermuda, and later expanded to serve multinational businesses and government entities needing to adopt strong security and know-your-client standards in their online operations.

Rick Marcet, General Manager for Microsoft in the West Indies and Bermuda, commented, “New regulations imposing cyber liability for executives, as well as growing demands for data protection, are driving wide adoption of digital certificates and other forms of security.  QuoVadis is one of a handful of certification providers in the world to meet Microsoft’s operational and technical standards, verified through independent audit, for global distribution in Windows.”

Examples of QuoVadis projects include access control to networks and websites as well as legally binding digital signatures for online transactions.  Corporate users and law firms use certificates for secure email between employees and clients.  Websites use QuoVadis encryption to protect sensitive information as it crosses the Internet.

Renee Webb, Minister of Telecommunications, e-Commerce, and Tourism for the Bermuda Government, said, “This excellent news for QuoVadis reinforces Bermuda’s status as a top business jurisdiction.  With the island’s sophisticated legislation and infrastructure, we can serve the needs of the many international companies operating in Bermuda and even provide e-business services on a global scale.  We are proud to be the first offshore jurisdiction, and one of only a handful of countries worldwide, to boast a globally-recognised certification service provider.”

QuoVadis clients also applaud the news.  Alan Thomson, President and CEO of Bank of Butterfield, stated, “Internet banking users expect their interaction with Butterfield Direct and other electronic platforms to be seamless yet secure.  The recognition of QuoVadis by Microsoft helps us combine responsible security with ease of use for our customers.”  Bank of Butterfield has operations in Bermuda, the United Kingdom, Guernsey, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, and Barbados.

About QuoVadis
Through its Trust/Link operation, QuoVadis provides managed facilities for organizations to issue digital certificates to users worldwide.  QuoVadis is the first Authorised Certification Service Provider under Bermuda’s Electronic Transactions Act.  This regulatory standard synthesizes elements of international security standards including BS7799, WebTrust for Certification Authorities, and the European Electronic Signature Standards Initiative.

QuoVadis completed stringent review procedures conducted by Ernst & Young (Bermuda) to qualify for the Microsoft Root Certificate Program.  QuoVadis is a Microsoft Certified Partner with a particular focus on identity management and security.  The company teams with technology firms to integrate digital certificate security into their client projects.

QuoVadis security services are designed to assist clients in meeting their regulatory and compliance obligations.  In addition to digital certificates, QuoVadis provides a range of secure computing services including SecureCentre resilient hosting, DataVault remote backup and recovery, Sweeper e-mail security, and Sentry network security monitoring and response.  
About the Root Distribution
Digital certificates are a form of non-forgeable electronic credential that may be used to identify remote users and resources as well as to encrypt data for privacy or integrity.  Providers in the Microsoft Root Certificate Program have been independently accredited to security standards and are automatically trusted by Microsoft Windows. 

The QuoVadis distribution has already occurred for users of Windows XP and Windows 2003, and will be included in a Windows Update for all other versions on April 27, 2004.  QuoVadis is also included the Apple OS/X operating system.