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QuoVadis Added to Mac OS X
30 Sep 2002

The QuoVadis root certificates have been added to the Mac OS X 10.2 operating system from Apple Computer, vastly simplifying the use of QuoVadis digital certificates by Mac users worldwide.

The QuoVadis root certificates are now accessible for all computer applications that rely upon the Macintosh Keychain. This means that Apple users can seamlessly use QuoVadis digital certificates for digital signatures, encryption, and access control.

According to Tony Nagel, CEO of QuoVadis, “We are delighted that QuoVadis has the gained the stature to be included in software from major vendors like Apple. This results from the growth in QuoVadis’ international client base, as well as the third-party audits performed on our operations.”

“The presence of a world-class commercial certificate authority like QuoVadis is a major differentiator for Bermuda as an e-business savvy jurisdiction. Companies that operate in Bermuda trade upon their reputation: our customers know digital certificates are a useful tool to explore the efficiencies and to manage the risks of doing business online,” continued Mr. Nagel.

Nigel Hickson, e-Commerce Consultant to the Bermuda Government, added, “This news emphasizes QuoVadis’ growing recognition internationally as a leader in secure e-business. The Government recognises that role in its own use of QuoVadis certificates for Cabinet Ministers, allowing them to have secure electronic communications.”