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QuoVadis Launches Innovative Trustlink Deployment Solution
21 May 2002

The QuoVadis certificate authority has unveiled Trust/Link, an innovative tool to distribute and manage digital certificates. Designed for corporate rollouts, the QuoVadis Trust/Link offers unparalleled simplicity for both the administrator and the end-user.

According to Stephen Davidson, VP of QuoVadis, “Many digital certificate systems are designed for high security, but can be intimidating and unwieldy for end users. QuoVadis Trust/Link has been designed to simplify the process of registering new users, as well as distributing, renewing, and revoking certificates.”

Digital certificates are a form of non-forgeable electronic ID used to provide enhanced authentication and accountability of users, as well as privacy of sensitive information over the Internet. Digital certificates may be used in secure e-mail, for access control to networks or Web applications, or for legally binding signatures on electronic forms.

“In the past, only the largest companies adopted digital certificates because of the time, cost, and complexity of the systems” he continued. “As a commercial certificate authority, QuoVadis simplifies the certificate rollout so our clients can get back to what they really care about: conducting safe and efficient e-business.”

Mr. Davidson comments “QuoVadis’ corporate clients are located around the world, with their customers distributed even further. Using Trust/Link, QuoVadis can rapidly implement both pre-defined packages and custom registration systems so our corporate clients can link these vast networks rapidly and cost-effectively.”

With its intuitive Web interface, Trust/Link provides significantly reduced administration costs for QuoVadis clients. Certificates may be easily issued and managed by any administrator, with automated processes available for repetitive tasks: no specialist skills are required.

In addition, Trust/Link offers a smooth enrolment and delivery of the certificates to end users, an important feature for companies who are looking to encourage their customers to adopt the secure technology. The system can also deliver tools to end-users (such as help guides, promotional materials, or VPN applications). Finally, the look-and-feel of Trust/Link can quickly be adapted to match a client’s branding.

QuoVadis has seen an upsurge in interest over the past six months. While most Bermuda companies do not see themselves as e-commerce players, they are enthusiastic users of e-mail, extranets and portals, wireless networks, and remote access for travelling employees. Quietly, e-business has become crucial to their operations. As a result, the Bermuda companies are turning to digital certificates and other means to protect their operations and reputations.

For example, companies may use digital certificates for secure logon to Windows 2000 networks, as well as to encrypt sensitive e-mails. Routine correspondence and approvals that were once conducted by fax and courier can be immediately concluded using binding digital signatures on e-mail, increasing ease and efficiency.

Mr. Davidson stated “Few companies like to inconvenience their customers or employees. QuoVadis Trust/Link allows them to adopt responsible e-business practices, using the proven security of standards-based digital certificates, without distracting attention from the business itself.”