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QuoVadis Certificate Authority Goes Live
20 Mar 2001

QuoVadis today finalized the commissioning of its root certificate authority with a root key signing ceremony, following more than a year of system and policy design, documentation, and extensive system and interoperability testing.

The QuoVadis Root CA is housed in a purpose-built multi-tier secure facility located in Bermuda, with highly resilient technical systems and telecommunications. The system uses a variety of FIPS 140-4 cryptographic devices and security procedures to protect its most sensitive private keys.

The QuoVadis root is self-signed and not chained to any onshore authority. This means that the CA hierarchy – and the ensuing digital certificates – are governed by the laws and regulations of Bermuda, including the Electronic Transactions Act and the Standard for Electronic Transactions. QuoVadis customers and certificate holders can therefore strengthen their links to the Bermuda/offshore jurisdiction, while reducing inappropriate exposure to onshore authorities.

The key signing process and event was witnessed and audited to international standards to assure clients of the security of the QuoVadis public key infrastructure.